dan20olofsson2“A social responsibility should not just be seen as the companies take on costs….
On the contrary, each company could find good projects, which link to its own operations….
It strengthens the brand, giving proud employees and increases the confidence of customers”

Mr. Dan Olofsson – Founder of Star for Life
Swedish entrepreneur and philanthropist

Christina R 3“Quality education, safe environment, equal opportunities, healthy lifestyle and dreams for the future are keys to a better life…!”
“We, as responsible duty bearers should work together to help and empower young people to experience value of their lives and enjoy their rights that help them to become a valuable social asset in the society….”

Mrs. Christina Riddeback – International Coordinator of Star for Life Sri Lanka


IMG_6515“Every child is unique and special… So, they have their own way of living and capabilities as a unique human being…
But, at the same time, they need our support to understand the world, develop healthy and positive behaviours, protect themselves, emerge positive realistic dreams about their future and positive guidance to walk towards the fulfilment of their future dreams…”

Chathuranga Guruge – Programmes Manager of Star for Life Sri Lanka