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1st Week of Sep. spent with Mr. Rosman’s visit (Trelleborg Sweden)

Mr. Rosman Jahja is the Communications Manager of Corporate Responsibility Communications and Internal Communications at Trelleborg AB (Publ) Head Quarters in Sweden.

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He was expected to visit the SFL programme in January at the ceremonial Launch of Star for Life Sri Lanka Colombo School, but, due to some official requirements he had to postponed his visit in Sri Lanka till the 1st week of September 2014.

Mr. Rosman arrived in Sri Lanka in the early morning on 5th September 2014, but his enthusiasm on SFL programme drove him to the Kelani College on the same morning around 10:00 a.m. He spent his first day in Sri Lanka (also his first time visit to our motherland) with SFL team, whole morning at the school joining Learners Workshop II for 43 students from Grade 11 and then having discussion with the Principal, some of the staff, some of the girl and boy students and walking around the school and pop-in to some classes and chatting with students and teachers…

IMG_1133 copyAfternoon he visited with SFL team to the Cultural Village called “Ape Gama” means “Our Village” and familiar with some traditional living status, customs and culture of Sri Lanka. Thereafter he visited Star for Life Sri Lanka office located in Maharagama.

It was a great time for the SFL team to being with him and according to his view in his words “It is absolutely amazing to see how the SFL programme has made positive impact on many students at the school. Now I could see by my own eyes that what has brought by the programme to these children and the community”.

“Also, we should proud as Trelleborg for being part of this positive intervention. We will continue our assistance to these students through Star for Life Sri Lanka Programme in future as well”…… He expressed his thoughts with confident…

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