Our vision and mission

The Star for Life Sri Lanka programme focuses on personality development of high school learners and provides wide education and awareness on ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ and ‘Better Future’ for the students at the SFL School. These interventions will indirectly effect and lead to a positive and better future for the nation.

Vision: A future in which young people are empowered to realize their dreams as responsible members of caring communities.

Mission: To inspire young people to value learning, acquire the knowledge and skills they need for productive work and live healthy meaningful lives.


The programme provides many culturally appropriate opportunities to enjoy and develop ‘Life Skills’ as well as skills in ‘Music’, ‘Dancing’, ‘Art’, ‘Drama & Performing Arts’, and ‘Sports’ activities for the students. Each of these topics plays an important role in the education system in Sri Lanka.

In the meanwhile, the resources at the respective sectors will be improved for better educational and practical opportunities for school students. Not only that, we also focus on raising awareness on Protecting themselves (Child Protection), reproductive health, prevention of HIV/AIDS and STD; those will encourage and motivate students to keep students’ minds on Education and build-up strengths to move towards their dreams. At the same time, we facilitate setting-up own dreams for those students who do not have a clear idea about their future and who actually do not have future dreams.

Hence, we understand that the young students need support from adults who possess the skills to coach and direct them for achieving students’ dreams.